Nestled in the quaint Lowell countryside is Cynthia’s private studio, fondly known as “The Property.” This tranquil and inspiring setting is just 15 minutes from downtown Grand Rapids.

What comes from the studio? Goodness, of course. The studio is the boiling pot where imagination begins. Guests can experience one of Cynthia’s unique Lawn pARTies and then take home a super fun Art Kit to continue their exploration of the arts.

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Private and socially distanced Lawn pARTies!

An unforgettable backyard picnic pARTy on the “The Property” is the perfect escape from the stress of life. This experience immerses guests in a master artist-themed and -inspired world. Participants gather as an intimate circle, each in their own socially distant mini-pavilions for a hands-on exploration into the art itself. Each table setting has all of the supplies one would need to complete the approachable, open-ended art project. Tables will be set for a beautiful picnic, and guests need only to bring their own sumptuous fare — food and beverages. The event features 20 artist themes from which to choose, including Pollock, Monet, Klimt, van Gogh, Dali, Hokusai, and Matisse.

These gatherings are ideal for bringing groups of people together in a safe way. Super fun. Super private. Super responsible.

Other versions of this concept of art, camaraderie and nature are the Ladies Outdoor Tea Party or Date Night Tables, which are arranged under an umbrella with a picnic set and an array of fabulous art supplies.

Tents can be arranged for up to six people. Price is $50 per person.

pARTy kits

Discover art masters in the comfort of your own home. Discover. Learn. Imagine. Create!

WORD: Pretty Hair Not Expected.

Each kit will feature a master artist for you to experience and learn!  All supplies included for 2+ people.

GEARED FOR ALL AGES.  2-112 years old

Projects are open-ended. Once you get the hang of the topic/project, you could easily create for hours using common household items.

Each packet will have an artist profile, simple instructions and all of the supplies you would need. We can talk through the supply list if you need things such as scissors, glue, etc.

If interested, I would be happy to facetime with you/kids to talk through all the fun.

$30 per packet set or 2 for $50